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Blockchain is not the future of electricity retail

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December 2017

Blockchain technology, as used successfully in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is touted as a potential ‘disruptor’ of electricity markets by enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) electricity trading.

In our view, blockchain is not the right foundation because its strengths are negated by the realities of the power system.

We contributed this short piece to the Association of Power Exchanges conference in Brussels.

How will widespread introduction of storage technology affect generation assets? The complexities of wholesale energy markets can lead to non-obvious outcomes.

We simulated the wholesale market impact of battery storage on several classes of conventional generation, to calculate market prices, market dispatch, and revenue, in three different Asia-Pacific markets (Australia’s NEM, the Philippines WESM and Singapore’s NEMS), each with different market fundamentals and storage quantity scenarios.

Stylised battery with solar panels and a wind turbine in the middle.

 Awarded best paper, Integration, Storage, and Distributed Generation at Asia Power Week 2017, and republished in the December 2017 edition of  The Singapore Engineer magazine.

Miniature houses in a grid pattern. The central house is brightly lit with yellow light, other houses are dark.

What will happen to power market operators over the next decade? In this paper we explore four possible futures for electricity markets, and what they would mean for market operators:

- Future 1: The Status Quo

- Future 2: Lean Mean Market Machine

- Future 3: Rise of the Distribution System Operator

- Future 4: It's a Smart Smart World

    We also consider how the journey could shape the outcome, and offer some thoughts on how to prepare for an uncertain future.