What we do

Energy Market Design and Implementation

We help transform and transition energy markets in Asia Pacific and around the world, bringing international experience to local situations.

  • Policy and market rules: we work with policy makers and regulators to shape their energy markets. We have experience in high level energy policy and market design across electricity, gas, renewable certificates and emissions trading markets, and we work in both developed and developing economies.
  • Business process design and documentation: We help clients plan and execute change, by drafting market rules and other documentation, designing and documenting business process, assessing readiness for change, and supporting market trials.

Energy Market Operations and Assurance

We help improve operational performance and reduce risk.

  • Strategy and innovation: We help market operators, participants, and regulated businesses prepare for an uncertain future through market reform and planning for the use of emerging technology
  • Operational assurance and audit services: We conduct regulatory compliance audits and reviews for our clients to ensure they are meeting their regulatory obligations, managing regulatory risk, and giving confidence to stakeholders.
  • Business process improvement: We help our clients realise operational efficiencies and reduce risk by providing business process design and risk management services.

Energy Market Systems

Market systems are complex, costly, and critical. We help you get the most out of them, both up-front and ongoing.

  • Market systems procurement advisory: Whether off the shelf or developed in house, We use our experience in multiple market system implementations to identify requirements, develop tenders, ask vendors the hard questions, and provide support all the way through to go-live.
  • Market systems assurance:
–  Market Software Testing and Certification to ensure that core market software such as Market Management and Settlement systems are compliant with market rules and functional specifications.

–  Service management reviews to confirm that our clients are managing their systems in accordance with industry best practices and standards.

–  Security audits to ensure that organisations have appropriate controls in place to mitigate the risk of cyber security threats.

Energy Market Analytics

We help our clients solve complex problems using market insights and leading edge modelling tools – both proprietary and custom built.

  • Transaction support: We provide investors and lenders with analysis to assess the profitability and risk of assets in energy market transactions.
  • Energy policy development: We help government agencies and regulators design and evaluate policy using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Energy resource planning: We help government agencies and market/system operators make decisions around capacity procurement and medium/long term planning with complex modelling tools